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For more details and information about personal trainigs or beauty services please contact us by phone: +7 (495) 797-94-27 or fill the form here and we will contact you directly.

PMP is the first chain of premium mono studios in Russia for practicing original Pilates and functional training. Denis Sychev, the owner and founder of the brand, launched PMP highligting the importance of a personal approach in training and client service. These are studios for special Guests, where useful hobby turns into your daily lifestyle.

Personal timing and attention to themselves are the most important and  valuable things for our Clients, therefore we are offering not only personal trainings - we are helping to take care of their beauty and healthy nutrition in the boutiques of PMP mono studios space.

All PMP mono studios present a complete set of concierge services that corresponds to the status of our Clients.

We have created special private atmosphere that is full of energy and at the same time gives absolute calm, mental balance and straight look at personal development. Throughout our infrastructure we have displayed the premium character to make you feel in your space - where you are used to be.

Practice Makes Perfect - find it in PMP.

Feel the attention

For monitoring your successes and physical changes we chose only a personal approach to the trainings. In the Pilates exercises, every reaction of the body is important, so the coaches keep your personal diary - according to it, they make and adjust the individual program.

Work in comfort

PMP Guests have the full range of concierge services, comfortable environment and attention to details - from a stylish and inspiring interior to monthly magazines and organic bar menu.

There are PMP Organic Bar and PMP Organic Beauty studio, so you are able to take care of your health  and prepare for any event in the pleasant atmosphere.

Go to the goal

Every person has his own idea of his ideal body shape and lifestyle - in PMP we work through the entire history of the Client: choosing the right diet, schedule the proper number of workouts, paying attention to any physiological features and beauty care. In the PMP space you will forget about the city bustle: you become yourself finding harmony and inspiration in everyday life.